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Monday, October 8, 2018


TOP 8 STRONGEST CHILDREN OF SUPERHEROES | Hello Guys, Whatsupp. I know you must be enjoying your life. Welcome to Xandar World. Today we are gonna talk about the strongest children of superheroes.
Today we are not gonna talk about superheroes we will talk about their kids. So before we start, press the bell icon on the bottom right corner so that you can get the further notification of our next post.


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You must have guessed that Damien is the son of Batman. In Comics, Damien is the fifth one who had the title of Robin. But Bruce didn't know that Damien is his son. And in one storyline, It was revealed that Damien is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Algul. This character is dead right now in the comics but he saved many lives by losing his own.


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Now about this character you have been introduced in Deadpool 2. But you may do not know about the parents of this character. The real name of Cable is Nathan Summers. He is the son of Scott Summers a.k.a Cyclops. He is a time traveler. He carries a lot of futuristic gadgets. He also has a cybernetic arm and an eye which makes him stronger than his father. 

6. X23

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You have seen X23 in movie Logan. And we don't think we have to tell you something about this character. She was introduced in Comics in the same way as Movie. Since her childhood, she is way more aggressive than his father Wolverine. She has better fighting skills than her father. After the death of Logan, she carried the title of Wolverine


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Bart Alan a.k.a Kid Flash is the son of our Flash Barry Alan. There were many versions of Kid Flash and one of them has joined to join Teen Titans. Like his father, He can travel through Time and Dimensions. Initially, this character had name Impulse but with time he got his new name Kid Flash. From starting Kid Flash was a super fast and genetically enhanced boy. And he didn't need any kind of training as his father Flash.

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You may do not know that Hulk had a child with an alien named as Skaar. And he was introduced in the Hulk What If comic series. But he got a proper origin in the WorldWar Hulk comic series. He had many unique powers in comic books. One of them was that he could talk to Souls. The initial motive of Skaar was to kill his father Hulk. But with time misunderstandings were cleared and he teamed up with his Father.


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Everyone knows this character but some of you may do not know about her history. She is the daughter of our Magneto. In MCU she was introduced as an experiment of mind stone but we hope after the deal between Disney and Fox these changes will be fixed. She is a mutant in comic books and she is very powerful among all mutants. In a storyline, she had defeated the Pheonix Force. You are gonna see the Pheonix Force in the upcoming movie X MEN - Dark Pheonix.


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This character gained popularity when a tv series based on this character was launched. And we got to know that Professor X has a son. Who is way powerful than all. He has powers like Telepathy and Tele Kinesis and a lot more. Plus he can change Time and Reality. Powers of Legion are infinite

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This character is the son of Invisible Women and Reed Richards. You are not gonna believe if we start to tell his powers that son of normal powered parents will be this much powerful. According to Marvel Comics, this character is one of the most powered characters. We should tell you that once he created a whole new universe in his bedroom. Some Celestials have given him the title of Universal Shaper. 

So these were the TOP 8 STRONGEST CHILDREN OF SUPERHEROES. Comment below which character you want to see on big screen and which characters you knew already. press the bell icon on the bottom right corner so that you can get the further notification of our next post.

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