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Sunday, October 14, 2018

MARVEL VS BEN 10 UNIVERSE | Versus Series | XandarWorld

MARVEL VS BEN 10 | Hello Guys welcome to Xandar World. This is the 5th episode of this series. We all are fans of Ben 10. We all used to watch it every day but with time our interest diverted and it is now Marvel Cinematic Universe. So we are gonna have a fight between two universes Ben10 and Marvel comics. Before we start we want you to click on the bell icon on the bottom right corner so that when we will post a new article we can send you notifications or you can check our website daily because we write new articles daily.

BEN 10

In the start, Ben Tennyson was just a normal kid having an age of 10 years. But his life starts to change that day when he found a watch having alien technology. That is the watch which makes him special among all normal kids. If he does not have that watch he is just a normal kid and you know you can easily beat him up. 

At the beginning of this adventures life he only gets 10 aliens but with time the number of alien starts to increase. And after some time, now he can use Omnitrix to scan any aliens DNA and can transform to him. The most popular aliens are Heat Blast, Diamond Head, Ghost Freak, Humangasour and many more. According to an episode, he has more than 10,000 aliens.

So now that was a brief information about Ben10. Let's start to fight.


Marvel have Agents of Shield, Defenders, and Kickass. But Ben have Heat Blast and Diamond Head and with them, he will kill them all.


Marvel have Spider-man, Quick-Silver, Ironman with all the X-men and Avengers. And Ben can kill them all with Four-Arms, Ditto or Humagasour


According to the Fantom website, Ben Tennyson is an overpowered teenager. Herald level can kill anyone in seconds, they can destroy planets. Marvel have Apocalypse, Miss-Marvel, Sentry, and Silver-Surfer. and here Ben have his all Ultimate Aliens. All aliens of Ben have an ultimate form and they can fight with them. Like, Ultimate Big-Chill, Ultimate Chroma-stone, Ultimate Woop, Ultimate BrainStorm. So here Ben survived now there is a question can Ben survive against Reality Controllers.

Almost all the aliens of Ben have strength, agility, and Speed. None of them have any kind of amazing powers.


Marvel have Rune-King Thor, Beyonder and Molecule Man. These characters of Marvel can destroy a whole Galaxy. And now Ben does not have any kind of Aliens but his sister Gwen, Professor Paradox, Anodite and Charmcaster can fight with them.

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These characters have all powers of multi-universe. They can create powerful beings and can destroy them. Marvel have Death, Eternity, Sumagora and Infinity. And now what Ben10 have??

He has an alien who can give a tough fight to these Marvel characters and that is Alien X. Alien X is an omnipotent being but he has some guidelines and flaws. If Ben wants to be Alien X he has to take permission from Belgium and Shelina. Ben requires time to have a talk with both of them but he always succeeds that's why he can win in this round.


These characters can create a whole universe either destroy one. Marvel has characters like Living Tribunal and Nemesis. Living Tribunal has limitless powers, he can change the whole reality.
And now there is nothing in the Ben10 Universe who can face this guy. But there is a possibility if Sherina and Belgium want to fight with Living Tribunal they may win. The chances of winning are 60%. 
Sherina and Belgium exist in omniverse and Omniverse is space where every universe has a size like a point in our universe.
But there is one more round.


Here Marvel has One Above All who is omnipotent omniscience omniverse and nowhere is nothing form universe of Ben Tennyson.

So Marvel is the winner
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