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Wednesday, October 3, 2018


EVIL VERSION OF SUPERHEROES | Hello Guys, Welcome to Xandar World. You have seen the most amazing powerful superheroes in the comics and movie who always saves the mankind. Sometimes they sacrifice for this world. They sacrifice their loved ones for saving this world. But you may don't know that there are sometimes when they turned bad or they had an evil version of themselves who killed mankind and others. So before we start guys we write articles like this daily and if you want to get notified then enable our push notification service or visit our website daily.
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Flashpoint is one of the best storylines of DC comics. We had some great shocking points in the storyline. And one of them was the Evil Wonder Woman. In this series, we saw a different wonder woman. This unexpected Wonder Woman was literally amazing. Flashpoint Wonder Woman was the same powerful as we have seen in the movies. But the difference was developed due to the disturbance in the timeline. Wonder Woman was confused, she couldn't differentiate between good and bad. And that is why she started to kill everyone who was standing in her way. But this situation not stayed a longer but we got a visual of what an evil Wonder Woman can be.


I think this is the most interesting character among the list. Do you ever think about what happens with the parts of his body that Deadpool throws because they have been cut by the villains? So this was revealed in a storyline where all body parts were searching each other and they combine and form a new body. And after the formation that is known as Evil Deadpool. All the powers were same as the Deadpool because they were his own body parts. He threw them because they were damaged during the fight sequences and grew new ones. The difference here was that he was not as funny as our Deadpool. His only aim was is to kill Deadpool. Hope so if we see this character in the movies. 


In an alternate version of Earth, There was an alternate version of Superman which was known as Ultra Man. And the thing which makes him stronger was Krypton. Ye, the thing which makes Superman weaker was enhancing powers of  Ultra Man. This Guy has his own team known as Prime Syndicate of America.


In the Zombie Universe of Marvel. Every character was a zombie but there was no one like zombie spiderman. After one fight sequence, he cut his own leg. And after some time he ate Galactus and got comic powers and using comic powers he killed the Venom.


On Earth 807128, After the apocalypse, only Hulk and Wolverine survived because of their Healing Factor. And when kids of Hulk killed Wolverine's family, Wolverine was searching him. And he found the old Banner and the old banner was very powerful in its human form and when he transformed we had seen a new version of Hulk. He tore apart wolverine into two. And the Healing Factor was the game changer wolverine survived and killed the Old Man Hulk.

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The main enemy of Hydra was always Captain America. But during a storyline due to Cosmic Cube, the whole story changed. And in this story Captain was with Hydra. The main head behind every action was CAPTAIN AMERICA. This storyline was hated by the audience.


On Earth 5012, All Avengers were dead. But Iron Maniac was still alive. This character was similar to our IronMan. During MARVEL TEAM-UP storyline, This character killed Fantastic Four, New Avengers, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. This character always hated Read Richards. 


This character is the evilest character among the list. During DARK MATTER comic series, Batman finally killed Joker but after the death of Joker a gas released from the heart of Joker. And Batman started to behave like Joker. And with time the evilness was getting increased. 

So finally the list is here and I know you must have enjoyed this and if yes then share this article with your friends. Do comment if we missed something and if you have suggestion tell us in the comment section. Visit our site to read daily content like this. Thank You.

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