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Friday, September 21, 2018


Internet of Things | Hello welcome back to Xandar World. This is Piyush and Today we are gonna talk about IOT. Almost everyone in this world is using the internet. Many of us have heard this term and some of us do not know anything about this term. The Internet is connected to a lot of devices but people think that internet is connected to only computer and mobiles and it is not true, there are many devices which require internet to work properly. Like security cameras, cars having GPS technology, ATM machines and many more. We are surrounded by them.
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Internet of Things
Internet of things is everywhere. IP camera, sever lines, digital machines everything is connected to the internet. So there are are many machines connected to The Internet and these all are a kind of stuff or things that's why these are combined called Internet of Things. You may not believe that some people's houses are connected to Intenet
The house of Mark Zuckerberg's house is connected to an Internet of Things. The house has a system installed called Jarvis and this system is connected to all electronics in the house. You can say this as an artificial intelligence.
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Collecting data from IOT
Let's have a glance again at the instance of an automobile it's a black box that connects to the web it's some simple sensors in. which {can|which may|which might} together paint an image of driver behavior with this information an insurance company can give new ways of setting premium levels safer driving means less risk of accidents which implies discounts will be given the driver advantages by obtaining cheaper insurance the insurer advantages by being more competitive winning more customers still as reducing the number of payouts, because there are fewer accidents IOT solutions are created to drive business worth save prices earn a lot of revenue increase competitiveness or improve the customers expertise all of which can be measured in terms of cash that ultimately pays for the solutions to be created within the first place.

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so why all of the fuss all of a sudden net connectible things have gotten smarter smaller cheaper and lower power which means they {can|they will|they'll} be engineered into a lot of other things than ever before wireless network connections square measure all over and also the prices for connecting things have born enough build|to form|to create} new solutions economically viable for the primary time IOT platforms became readily accessible which may manage remote things analyze the data they manufacture and supply a visualization tool, therefore, humans can more easily make choices based on the data end-to-end.
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Analysing data from IoT devices
IOT solutions will give new business insights and change cost reduction new services or revenue streams and improve competitive edge the applications for IOT are seemingly endless all you wish is a few images.
So that's it for today Guys, I hope you understood what is IOT. and if you liked this article let us know in the comment section. If you have any suggestions for us then let us know in the comment section. Feel free to contact us. And do not forget to share this article with your friends.
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