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Thursday, September 20, 2018


DEADPOOL VS WONDER WOMAN | Hello, Guys Welcome Back. This is Piyush and Today we are gonna have Wonder Woman and the one and only Deadpool in the versus ring. Before we start if you want to get our new posts notification on your Whatsapp just click here 
This is the 4th Episode of Versus Series so Guys if you like this article must check our other episodes.Let's Begin.
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Wonder Woman Vs Deadpool
Wonder Woman a.k.a Princess Diana. This character was introduced in All-Star Comic issue no. 8 in Dec 1941. Due to a lot of public popularity publishers created her own comic book series and now a movie of this character was released in 2017. After this movie, every comic book fan is a fan of this Character and Gal Gadot. And further, we are gonna have its sequel soon as WW84. So Wonder Woman belongs to an Island where the only woman has residence. Princess Diana has Super Human Speed, Durability, Senses and Immortality. She has an Accelerated Healing Factor due to which she will be tough for Deadpool. She is an expert in weapons. Laso of Truth, Bracelets, Tiara, Sword and a Shield, These are some of the weapons used by Her. So this was a brief about Wonder Woman. Now I have a question for you guys what do you think can she beat Deadpool?? Give me answers below in the comment section.
Now let's have a move towards Deadpool. Deadpool 2 has been released and you must have already seen this movie so give marks to the movie in the comment section.

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Deadpool a.k.a. Wade Wilson was first seen in The New Mutants Issue 98 in Feb 1991. First, this character was portrayed as a villain but with time and according to his personality he represented as an Anti-Hero. Deadpool has a Regenerated Healing Factor. He has a really long life than us.  Keep in mind I am not talking about immortality. Yes, I know at one time he was cursed of Immortality but that happened in another universe. He is skilled in shooting, Swordfighting, playboy. If you know what I mean then comment below. He has a magic packet, a Teleportation machine. And with a Holographic Machine, from which he can shape-shift. If you do not know what is shape shift then let me tell you what shapeshift means he can acquire anyone's identity like the Skrulls.
So now you tell me sho will win???????????????????
Let's compare their powers.
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Comparison of Wonder Woman and Deadpool Powers
As we can see Wonder Woman is more intelligent than Deadpool. She has far more strength than Deadpool. Deadpool can only lift a maximum of 2 Tons. Diana is Way more fast than Deadpool. and Durability of Deadpool is very near to Wonder Woman because of his Healing Factor. So Diana is the Winner. I know many of you guys will not accept this but no one is paying me for doing this. and tell me if, if Deadpool will meat Diana will he fight. (Inside ME)Yes, He will fight but not in the field, On Bed. Tell me in the comments below if you were Deadpool what would you prefer to Fight in the field or in Bed.
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Versus Series

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