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Friday, September 28, 2018


DEADPOOL VS BATMAN | Hello Guys, Welcome here to Xandar World. This is the 4th article of our Versus series. Today we have Deadpool and our Batman because "He is Batman" with us in the ring. And we will see who will win among them. A Mutant vs A Human. I am sure you will be most excited about this. Guys before we start we wanna tell you that we write amazing articles like this every day on comics, so do visit our website daily and subscribe for notification.
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Batman vs Deadpool
Disclaimer- all comparison and results are declared on the basis of information provided in cinematic universe and comic books. Let's start Deadpool vs Batman.
Let's talk first about Batman.
I know you all have a question in your mind can Batman defeat Deadpool because Batman is a human and Deadpool in immortal. See Immortality is not a great thing or advantage in a fight there are more factors with more percentage of contribution in a winning.

So Batman has a sharp mind. He is a detective. He has powers like a superhuman athlete. And the biggest fact he is rich and Deadpool is a freelancer. He has so much money that he can make hundreds of Deadpool. Due to money, he can buy any technology in the world. The technology he will buy, he will use in his suit and weapons for upgrades to defeat anyone in this world. Batman is considered as one of the greatest detectives in the world, He is a genius level intellect.

He is an amazing martial artist who is an expert in Hand to Hand combat. He is extremely disciplined. If Batman does not know any kind of skill in this world then he will search for it and will learn. 

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In a comic named SuperDoom, Superman has considered Batman as the brilliant mind on the earth. Once Superman was so impressed with Batman that he said that Batman is the most dangerous man on the earth. Because he always has a plan for his enemy. 

Batman always prepares an excellent plan to assassinate his enemy. He observes every detail of his enemy. As you know in Batman vs Superman, Superman could kill Batman in "Do you Bleed?" Scene but he didn't and at the end, he suffered a lot due to the excellent plan of Batman
Batman is the most dangerous guy of DC Comics. No one can take a stand against him. 
And this was Batman now let's turn to our red bunny Deadpool.

Deadpool has some amazing powers, The Healing Factor. He is an excellent Shooter and he has a mastery is Swords and Hand to Hand combat. He is not a disciplined guy, He drinks a lot. Deadpool knows many kinds of magic or tricks due to which he can trick with his opponent and kill him easily. Deadpool can also teleport(Gamers may know this). There is a drawback with Deadpool which is the healing factor of Deadpool is very slow and we have seen this in the movies. 

Now the fight starts, The healing factor makes Deadpool immortal and Batman do not have any kind of healing. Deadpool has an advantage. 
Deadpool has mastery over weapons, He is a weapon himself. And Batman, Yes he has a lot of weapons but he carries them as their need.  It's a tie.
Who the hell in this world says that Deadpool can't plan his fights, Yes he did not plan his fights and he is not well educated but he has a genius level mindset. Which we have seen in the Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe comic book series. In which he has killed all Marvel characters with expertise and his mind. And it is a tie because Batman has also killed all DC characters in the comic book The Batman Who Laughs

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And the final decision of Xandar World team for the Deadpool vs Batman, and the winner is Batman.
let me answer to you. Deadpool has a very bad track record. Whenever someone tried to kill Deadpool he succeeded in his first attempt because Deadpool gave him a chance. Deadpool gets hit with more bullets then he shot. And if Batman will come to fight with Deadpool, He knows about the healing factor. He will cut Deadpool in pieces and will use those pieces to decorate his Batcave. We should not forget that he had defeated Superman and that shows that he can kill anyone means anyone.
So, Guys, that's it for today subscribe to our notifications. Thank you.

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