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Saturday, September 8, 2018


So guys, Kevin Feige just said in an interview that Captain Marvel will be the most powerful character in MCU. But since we have not seen Captain Marvel than how MCU can suddenly rise up a character like this???  The answer is very simple. Marvel Studios is going to do some great with Captain Marvel which they were not able to do with any superhero until now.  That is defeating Thanos. It's not easy to beat Thanos. However, Thor's Stormbreaker also has the power to defeat Thanos. Only one superhero can beat Thanos who was remembered by Nick Fury when he was dying. That superhero is Captain Marvel. This is Xandar World and today we are gonna talk about the fight between Captain Marvel and Thanos in Avengers 4. So Spoiler Alert.
Captain Marvel First Look
Captain Marvel First Look
Avengers Infinity War was very much liked by the audience. Even people who complain about this movie are not about this movie but about this, that how this movie got an end, Thanos won Half of this universe died. Some Avengers disintegrated. Those too whose upcoming movies are already announced. And now when Avengers failed in saving this universe they need the help of a new one. That one has been never seen in MCU. But she is most powerful. But if you have powers then you should have an impact on your audience.

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For this impression on the audience, Captain Marvel has to show her real skills on screen. The background of Captain Marvel that is military experience and leadership can destroy Thanos. If Marvel Studio is really serious to give the leadership of this cinematic universe in the hands of Captain Marvel then She must have leadership qualities of Captain America, a Confidence level of Tony Stark and must be powerful like Hulk and Thor. These all qualities are there in the comic version of Captain Marvel. But the problem here is that like all other characters in comics were hit among audience Captain Marvel was not one of them.

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She was never so much popular among readers. Captain Marvel was not always Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel has changed her name over time. Due to which the brand name of Captain Marvel has paid a little cost. However, due to the rebranding of Captain Marvel in 2012 comics helped a little bit to the image of this character. Where we saw her in an awesome costume instead of a tight suit. Plus, Marvel Comics showed us the real powers of this character. There are no superheroes in Marvel Comics who can compete with the Power, Strength, and Abilities of Captain Marvel. We are sure that this same will be also in movies.
Captain Marvel First Look
Captain Marvel First Look
Solo picture of this character will be released in March 2019 just one month before Avengers 4. The chaos with the release of this movie will lead us to the Avengers 4. And after all this mess up she will be the leader of all Avengers.
To make this character as a premium member of Marvel Cinematic Universe. All eyes should be on this character. Therefore she will beat out the Thanos. If Captain America and Iron Man will defeat Thanos in their last movie then Captain Marvel and other Avengers will not get that much popularity for Phase 4 which they will need to carry forward the MCU.
Recently released Captain Marvel fan art is also getting popularity among Marvel fan following.  Defeating the most powerful villain will be a stepping stone in her career in MCU. And after all these things we will see the era where female superheroes will be not in minority in superhero films.
captain marvel fan art
Fan Art by @raichu.copper

So this was a brief article about Thanos vs Captain Marvel. If we have missed any details or you have any new facts do tell us in the comment section below. Like and Share this article with your friends. And also tell us who will lead MCU with Captain Marvel like Iron Man and Captain America.Read our other articles too and Thank you have a nice day.

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