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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


FLOPPED MARVEL MOVIES YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT | Yes, it's weird but it is true. There are many movies of Marvel characters which were a huge flop on Box-office. Even you may do not know their names. And today we are gonna have a talk about them. If you want to know something new then read it to the end. This is Piyush and Welcome to Xandar World.
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let's start.


This movie was the third installment of Blade franchise. And this was a reason to close this franchise. The first two films were really gained love from people this third release took this franchise to its end. The budget was 65 million dollars and this film earned only 52 million dollars. Although The performance from all the actors was appreciable the storyline was so much weak that the performance by actors was not able to save this. We should tell you that Ryan Reynolds had also worked in this picture.


We have seen this character in MCU once. But you may do not know that this character had its own solo movie. This movie was shooted in 1986 and it had a great budget according to that time which was nearly 37 million dollars. This movie had a box-office collection of only 16 million dollars. If you have not seen this movie than it's good for you. Xandar World is not recommending you to watch this. 


There was a movie released in 2015 named as Fantastic Four. And Nobody knows about it. This was a reboot for the old franchise. This movie had actors like Michael B. Jordan. But their popularity wasn't enough to get this picture to be named as a hit. The budget was 120 million Dollar and the box-office collection was 56 million dollar


The Netflix series on Punisher is ruling hearts of the audience. But there was a solo release of this character in 2003. This was a flop. Cast and the storyline was not so great. The budget was 33 million dollars and this movie had an exactly collection of 33 million dollars. But the producers didn't stop here they released a sequel of this movie and that was also a great flop in theaters.



As Punisher, everyone is loving the Netflix series of Daredevil. But it was not same with the release of Daredevil movie of 2003. Do you know Daredevil was portrayed on screen by our one and only Ben Affleck? Now they are playing Batman in Worlds of DC. The reason why this movie failed is the villain in this movie. The worst ever villain of the whole cinema industry is the villain of Daredevil 2003.


After having Daredevil as a flop, They produced a spin-off movie of a character from film Daredevil called Elektra in 2005. We saw Elektra in this movie. The movie had story after the events of Daredevil. The budget for this movie was 43 million dollars and the collection was 24 million dollars. Due to these flop movies, we fans had a great profit, Fox returned the character rights of  Daredevil and Elektra to Marvel and we are now enjoying the Netflix series.


We know that we all love the Ghost Rider and his movies. The first part was not a huge hit on the box office but producers released the second part Spirit of Vengeance. The budget was reduced compared to the first part. This movie had a budget of 57 million dollars and earned a collection of 51 million dollars


The movie of 2003 had a great budget according to that time. The budget provided for this film was 137 million dollars. But this movie earned only 132 million dollars. And this was the reason why Universal Studios lead a deal with Marvel and we got our Hulk in MCU. According to the deal, Marvel cannot produce a stand-alone movie on Hulk

Tell us in the comment section which film was new for you and which one you knew already. And must read our other articles. Visit our website daily you will find new and great content related to comics and stuff.


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