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Friday, September 21, 2018


BEST ANIME FOR BEGINNERS | Hello Guys, Welcome to Xandar World. If you are a superhero or a comic book fan then you are in the right place. Guys you must have seen a lot of superheroes films but you may have not seen Animes. You must have heard of Anime like Naruto, Beyblade, Pokemon, and Dragon Ball. But there are many more whom about you do not know. They have an amazing storyline, visuals, and superpowers and you are not aware of them. And that's why we will tell you that if you are a superhero fan then you should consider putting this anime on your watch list. You will found same things which you have in Marvel and DC world.
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My Hero Academia
And that one anime is MY HERO ACADEMIA. The theme of this anime is fantasy and Sci-Fi. The story theme is kind of similar to the superhero movies. In the world of Anime, some of the people from humanity found Quarks. Quark means power. They have special schools where kids are taught to be superheroes. They learn to control their superpowers. Everyone has a different kind of Quark so we see a variety of superpowers in them. Someone can control Fire or Ice, Someone water, some of them can transform into an animal and Some of them are as powerful as Superman. Some control matter, few can fly. They literally have unlimited powers in that world. This all happens in or near the school. We see a team of school kids who are learning to take control over their ultimate superpowers and their Teachers who are among the most powerful being from that world. They are preparing to fight and defeat Supervillains. Supervillains also have powerful quarks but they use their powers for their evil work.
And this why they are known as Supervillains. You will see very powerful villains. They are cruel and interesting. And that is the thing which makes you watch this Anime. This anime consists of Superhero, Entertainment and plus point a lot of Humor. You will really enjoy because there are a huge number of funny moments in the storyline. The most powerful superhero of this anime is the most humorous. He will always make you laugh. This anime has a lot of mysteries and they will be revealed slowly slowly. Some things you never had thought. A type of Protagonist you never saw. He is extremely powerful and very weak. and if are gonna ask how then you have to watch this Anime.
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2 seasons have been already released and the third one is going on. And this means you already have a lot of material to watch. So guys what are you waiting must see this Anime. And after watching this anime please comment below your review about this anime in the comment section below. Guys do share this article with your friends.
So that's it for today guys do not forget to read our other articles here 👉 Xandar World

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