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Friday, September 21, 2018




"A YEAR SPENT IN ATIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS ENOUGH TO MAKE ONE BELIEVE IN GOD."                                                                         - ALAN PERLIS
Artificial Intelligence: Hii Guys, Welcome to the "Xandar World". Curious about 'Artificial Intelligence' don't worry because today in our this podcast I'm gonna throw lights on this 'heavily searched and indecipherable science' of 'Artificial Intelligence'
Moreover, starting from the basic understanding of this advanced science, we will look forward to the future reach and scope of artificial intelligence, pros and cons of the subject matter and finally to the answer of the most Beyonce question that is "Will adopting Artificial Intelligence lead to a Golden Era or towards the most Catastrophic End & Downfall of Human Civilization?" 
Now before we begin friends, Wait didn't you noticed the changes on the website. Yup, the two most amazing changes the first one very obvious, the domain name is changed from "GeeekyRoshan" to "XandarWorld" and the second one is the new template i.e. the New look of XandarWorld. I hope you like the changes. Do comment down your suggestions and experience with the new XandarWorld in the comment box below.
Come on Buddy, Now, without wasting any time let's get started with the Artificial Intelligence...


Friends, Artificial Intelligence is also known as Machine Intelligence and generally abbreviated as 'AI'. Let's just begin with the very basic definition of AI,
Artificial intelligence is the stimulus provocation of the human intelligence processed by highly advanced machines and computer systems. The headway includes learning, reasoning and self-correction through expert systems.
Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence
In more simple words buddy, according to Wikipedia, AI is the intelligence shown by machines and computer expert system, ironic to the natural intelligence of human beings and other animals.
Artificial intelligence is the skills and ability of digital computer systems or advanced robots to perform tasks associated with intelligent living beings. The keyword is perpetually used with projects associated with developing expert systems with intellectual characteristics of human beings like reasoning, discovering, defining, learning and self-correction with experiences gained from different situations.
With the development in computer systems since the 1950s, It has been observed that these digital systems can be used to carry out complex processes like solving and deriving mathematical proofs and computations and doing tedious processes effectively and efficiently. But though advancement in computer technology has taken place at an exponential pace since then till now we don't have an expert system that can match natural human system capacities and flexibilities till date.
But chum don't worry we do have weak artificial intelligence systems that play a major role nowadays in medical diagnosis, computer search engines, voice and handwriting recognition etc.


 "AI IS LIKELY TO BE EITHER THE BEST OR WORST THING EVER HAPPENED TO HUMANITY"                                                                       - STEPHEN HAWKING
Guys, nearly a decade earlier or so AI fastest and fascinating concept of science fiction. But today as we all can see that we are getting closer and closer to it.
Scientists had made some biggest achievements in Machine Learning, with the development of neural networks which imitate the working of real neurons.
Now friends let's see how Artificial Intelligence can evolutionary change our future;

  • Automated Transportation System

     Friends you have probably heard and seen of self-driving cars nowadays, but still, that technology isn't so perfect. Now with the development of artificial intelligence and new advancements in the coming future, this automated transportation system will no more be a dream with automated buses, trains vehicles etc.
Google's Car is using artificial intelligence on a different level and has been ranked as one level down from full automation.
  • Cyborg Technology Achievements
     Being a human being, we have a lot of limitations because of natural body and brain. 
But buddy, according to researcher Shimon Whiteson it is possible in future to amplify and tune ourselves with computer systems and enhance our abilities to next levels. It is proposed that with AI we can develop and form special powers within us. Thus 'Superhumans'  will become a common term in the future.
  • Controlling Dangerous and risky jobs.
     Nowadays it is better to handover some hazardous and risky jobs to the special robots particularly designed for that. Such jobs include bomb defusing, welding etc as they are very harmful to our health and environment. Artificial intelligence is thus playing a crucial role in making such specific Robots and ultimately saving Human Life.
  • Managing Climate change 
     Guys, this may sound weird but it is something going to happen in the coming future. As you all will agree that computers have a greater ability than us to store numbers right? hence, these machines with big databases and AI designed will come up as Decision Making Systems to manage and make decisions the big problems and issues of the environment.
  • Robots and expert systems as friends.
     Who doesn't needs a Robo friend here? 
Buddy, today scientists are working in every country of the world like Japan, the U.S. to program robots that can read and develop emotions just like human beings. Robots that can learn, understand and behave accordingly in situations with their rationality.
Hope this could work out.
  • Taking Eldercare.
     Every elder person whether it is in your relationship or not needs care and love. But in today's era, it is not possible for every child to be with his parents all the time and take care when his parents need him. 
Artificial Intelligence here can help them in taking care of the elders by making uniquely programmed Robots who will take care of their health and daily works.
  • Digital Assistants
     Last but not the least, friends Artificial Intelligence can provide us with digital assistants which will be smarter than us. They will help us carry out tasks more effectively and efficiently than normal human assistants.
Friends, you may think that ok Artificial intelligence is one thing but the main concern is that how it is going to affect the world? What are the different applications and examples of services that AI is going to provide?
Artificial intelligence Applications
Artificial intelligence Applications
So guys without delay let's check them out...


This term is something we all are familiar with isn't? We all use smartphones either it is iOS or Android or Windows phone all uses their own virtual personal assistants.
Siri, Google now and Cortona are their respective digital virtual assistants.
What they basically do is to find you useful information when you ask for it, using voice recognition.
Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role in collecting information on your request and indexing results according to their preferences.


Guys, Nowadays many home devices are able to learn your behavior and make your life comfortable by adjusting the settings on your home appliances to make it more convenient and saving energy.
The use of AI in the home is widely applicable to thermostats, ovens, TV, lighting etc.
Google has taken a major step in the field by releasing 'Google Home'.
Then there is 'Asus Zenbo' a little artificially advanced bot that can help you assist at home.


Keeping the track of security using specially programmed machines and computer systems is much more convenient over the traditional ways using human force.
More on that as the world is switching to security ways that are digital and using artificial intelligence to create Expert Security Systems we are moving towards more secure systems with more walls and gates.


Guys, we all visit a lot of Websites in a day, so what do you think every time you interact with a real human for different customer services?
Nope, my friend many of the developed websites of certified brands are now using artificial intelligence to manage their customer services.
One major challenge is to program bots so that they can understand and respond to the Natural Language, carrying out translations between customers talk and computers talk is quite a difficult task but with advancements in technology, it is getting possible with ease.
Nowadays Google text searches and image searches use artificial intelligence algorithms to provide you with the most precise results.
In the real world 'Softbank Pepper' is a Japanese robot can under the human speech and body language and is used being tested as a customer service assistant in retail stores.


Come on buddy, nowhere let's go through some real world most successful artificial intelligence platforms that are making it possible:
  1. Siri and Cortona
  2. Facebook
  3. Google Maps
  4. GMail
  5. Netflix
  6. Uber
  7. Google Search
  8. PayPal
  9. Lyst
  10. Spotify


Finally, friends, the time has come to discuss that how Artificial Intelligence is going to make our future.
First of all, guys let us see What is that causing concern regarding the fate of humans?
The answer is very simple, from the past centuries Humans are able to rule the world and all other living species just because we have got distinct characteristics and intelligence that other organisms lack. Now, if Artificial Intelligence exceeds human in Intelligence and becomes "Superintelligent" than they'll become powerful and difficult to control and hence will ultimately lead to dominating us.

Thus, the fate of humanity will depend on the goodwill and actions taken by the Superintelligent
That's the only reason why this topic is so debatable.
Some great personalities had made predictions and comments regarding the AI and human fate.
A few of them are shown to you here in the article;
"COMPUTERS WILL OVERTAKE HUMANS WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WITHIN NEXT 100 YEARS. WHEN THAT HAPPENS WE NEED TO MAKE SURE THE COMPUTERS HAVE GOALS ALIGNED WITH OURS"                                                                                                                                             - STEPHEN HAWKING
"WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WE ARE SUMMONING THE DEMONS"                                                                                                                           -ELON MUSK 
Now friends, what I personally think is that it's true that Artificial intelligence is going to change the world in the next few decades. We all will be no more like what we are right now.
"Either AI is going to take us on the right way or else on the destructive way. The only way to make sure is in the hands of the Researchers and Scientists. They have to make it sure that their Intelligence is never surpassed by the Superintelligent, hence we need to be prepared for that. We have to secure backups and solutions to all the future problems that can occur.
Humans must take every step very wisely and judiciously otherwise even a single pinpoint mistake can be destructive and dreadful to the whole human civilization."

That's all about the Artificial Intelligence from my side. Hope you enjoyed it thoroughly and also, I want you all to comment down your views on - How you think artificial intelligence is going to change the world?
Nextly Friends, I recommend you to join our Social Media Communities for regular updates regarding the latest articles and podcasts, links to them are available on either left and right sides. Share this article as knowledge grows by sharing.
Time to rest my words, guys keep in touch with "XandarWorld".
See you again, till then...       Tada



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