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Tuesday, August 14, 2018


TWITTER LITE: Hey guys, how are you doing?? Well, I am pretty sure then you will be living life to it's fullest and enjoying the day but if in any case not, then I have got a cool news for you that will surely make it.
Good news for Twitter users of India. Today finally, Twitter releases the lite version of its app i.e. TWITTER LITE in India along with 20 other countries. Hence, if you are a Twitter fanatic then from now forget about the data consumption and power loads on your phone.
Now, currently, the app has launched in 45 countries and will help the users to minimize data usage and tweet effectively even in a poor network connection.

  • SIZE: Less than 1MB i.e. 0.89MB, won't take more than 3MB on your device.
  • Loads quickly on 2G and 3G network.
  • Minimizes Data usage- Turn On the Data Saver mode to download only the images and videos you want to see. 
  • Latest Update includes support for: Push notifications, Bookmarks, Data Saver, Night mode, Save images.
Download here from the Google Play store: Twitter lite


Twitter, on the occasion of 72nd Independence Day, has introduced a promotional campaign for the app. People can follow '#IndiaIndependenceDay' to see what's is actually happening in India and all around the globe on this auspicious event.
And, and Twitter has also released a Red Fort Emoji, you can activate it by tweeting '#IndiaIndependenceDay' onTwitter And Twitter Lite and join the INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS.
Thank You Guys, and a very very Happy and prosperous INDEPENDENCE DAY to you all.
If you haven't installed Twitter Lite till then do it right now and do follow our Twitter and other social media pages, links to them are available in the right-side column.
Stay tuned with us.
See you again...   Tada


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