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Wednesday, August 15, 2018




Hi guys, what's going in your mind after reading above line? As mobile phones have become our companion in this world, above line must have excited you ...Have you ever heard about a holographic smartphone?... If not, don't worry ... I am here to explain to you. Actually, a holographic smartphone is something related to 3-D view on 2-D screen without glasses. Just think, how much interesting and thrilling it would be to watch videos in 3-D, play games in 3-D...things will appear going down or coming towards us. Let's talk about this.


Actually, the world's first 3-D holographic smartphone was created and launched in China. The smartphone was takee1 but it was a failure...the product didn't properly work in 3-D & many other features were missing. This can't be termed as a proper holographic phone. That means the first holographic phone is still to come. So, when and who will launch this phone?

The video-camera maker RED is going to launch Red Hydrogen One, hyped as "world's first holographic smartphone that fits in your pocket".  It looks like a smartphone but once you see it's screen, you will realize that you've never seen anything like this before...objects will appear to come out of the watching a 3-D movie...but with no glasses.

"The phone is for everybody who wants to change the way they view the world," RED founder Jim Jannard said in an interview.  "Yet everything we watch on our phones is in 2D. We want to change that, so you get your content in multi-view."

Specifications of Red Hydrogen One

The phone is not launched we are not able to tell all features but we will share as much as possible. The first thing is that it will be an Android device. The screen will be of 5.7 inches measured diagonally and it will have 2560x1440 screen resolution in 2-D mode while resolutions have not been openly declared for 3-D or 4V mode. 4-Vmode is claimed to be better than 3-D.


The phone will consist of 4 cameras and QualcommSnapdragon835 system on the chip...and a USB type-C port, along with a dual sim port which will allow you to use either two sim-cards or one sim card and a micro-SD card....there will be a multi-channel spatial system for phone's stereo speakers and headphones.

The phone will have a wight of an about of 2 ounces...and it will be bigger and thicker than an available 5.7inches smartphone...and the battery is expected to be of 4500mAh.

The phone is also expected to consist of an eye-tracking system so as to unlock your phone via your retina.

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Launch Date and Expected Pricing

Red hydrogen one was expected to be launched in the first quarter of this year, i.e, 2018 but the company pushed back it's date. It is expected to be priced between $1900-$2000.

This smartphone once released will definitely change the era of mobiles...thank you, friends.
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