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Friday, August 10, 2018


PUBG MOBILE LITE-Hello, Guys today we are gonna talk about the most trending mobile game in this world that is PUBG. Before we start to be sure to hit the like button to our Facebook page o the right side. Guys, we publish new articles every day so to be updated subscribe to our newsletter by Follow by Email from right side Option.

pubg mobile lite
PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile has released his Lite version for Budget Mobiles. The whole game is the same nothing has been changed. The game is running smoothly on low spec mobile. This game has a smaller map than original and has fewer opponents than before. This app is currently available on Play-Store only in Phillippines.but you can download it from anywhere just by searching on google.

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Before few days Fortnite was released for Android Mobile and this release got the attention of some Android users and it was only released of Android Beta users or we can say Samsung Mobiles but Now, PUBG came with his Lite version for low budget mobile gamers. PUBG Mobile only runs smoothly on advanced spec mobile. Mobiles which were recently released within 1 year can handle this game and a lot of users are still using mobiles which are more than a year old and for those guys, Tencent Games has released PUBG Mobile Lite.
In PUBG Mobile Lite there are 40 players in a game instead of 100 players. The map is also smaller so that low spec mobile can render them easily. PUBG Mobile Lite has the same gameplay, sounds, and lights as PUBG Mobile Regular. There are no other changes except the number of players and the smaller map.

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Before you leave this article to go for downloading PUBG Mobile Lite. If you liked this articles then share this with your friends. If there is a guy who has a low spec mobile in your friend circle share this with him. We write amazing articles about Gaming and all stuff so check our other articles too. 

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