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Sunday, August 5, 2018


Paytm Cash Free- HELLO GUYS,  welcome here. we are starting to talk about the best android app where you will earn Free Paytm Cash. But before the start, we publish new articles every day so to be updated with notification Follow us by Email with the widget in Right Side or like our Facebook page in the Right Side. I know you are excited to know about these because all of us want to earn money, so please read the article to the end and follow the steps so let's start one by one.

paytm cash free
Paytm Cash Free

 Reward app(Free gift card)-

That's the amazing application where you will earn paytm cash by making a team, firstly you have to go in play store and search the reward app and install this, now you have to sign up in this app when you have signed up now you are eligible to make a team by your referral code, now your friend also make a team and your friend team is counted in your team. 
when you achieved the target of 1000 downloads then you can transfer your money to your bank account.


so, guys, this is the app where you will earn money up to 2.5lac. hee also you have to download this app and share your referral code to other and you have to clear all the stages of this app where you have finds the task to complete the stages when you have completed 9 stages at the 9 stage your money will be 2.5 lac.


Yonomy (Young earning Economy)-

This is the online doing task app. here you have to make his profile on this app. and if you are a good knowledge of any subject then you will earn money  500 to 1000 very easily, I have also used this app this is very loyal and 100% gives the money. here u have to submit your quiz like as
an Example- Quiz and earn, Express and earn, View and earn etc.

TaskBucks(Get wallet cash and Recharge)-

This the best-earning app in those apps which I have been used, so if you want to earn money you should download this app, and create your account when you will successfully create his account then this app will give you 25rs at that time now every referral code you get the 25 rs paytm cash,
other then referral if you download the other app like as phone pay, Alt Balazi etc. by this app. then TaskBucks gives you the paytm wallet money.

Don(Read news stories for free and Earn )-

when the first time I have installed this app I had amazed to see this because this is the app where you will earn money by only see your favorite things like as entertainment videos, read the news and stories. if you like or dislike the news or other things then you will get a reward from Don app. and when you download this app then you will get  10 rs instantly. and now if you refer this code to 10 friends in a day then you will earn 100 rs per day.

That's it for today guys. Do not forget to share your feedback in the comment section below. This will encourage us. Read our other articles Here. And do follow us by email. Share this among your friends. and Follow us on Facebook.

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