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Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Versus Series
#Episode 01

Marvel VS Dragon Ball Z- Hello Guys, welcome here. Today we are gonna have the most amazing historical fight between Marvel Characters and Dragon Ball Z Characters. But before the start, we publish new articles every day so to be updated with notification Follow us by Email with the widget in Right Side.
So now let's start Versus Series Episode 1
marvel vs dragon ball z
Marvel VS Dragon Ball Z

All of you must have seen the Dragon Ball live cartoon series. This means that you are a fan of Goku and Vegeta. Many people say that he and Vegeta can eliminate the entire Marvel Universe. And the fan of Dragon Ball Z easily says that Goku and Vegeta can easily kill the characters of the entire Marvel Universe. And maybe it might be because the characters like Giran and Vice have the power to eliminate the complete planet of the whole and We have Marvel whose fans say that we can beat them comfortably. Marvel has very dangerous characters like Hulk, Thor, Thanos, Silver Surfer, Professor X. We have to know who is the most powerful and if there is a fight then who will win. Characters like Avengers, X-men, Fantastic Four cant survive in front of Goku.
So this fight is gonna start now. The first level will be the Street Level.


Marvel have teams like Defenders, Agents of Shield and Kick-Ass, and Goku can defeat them easily because if he can destroy a planet than they are nothing in front of, him. Next, we are gonna talk about 


Here Marvel has characters like Hulk, Iron-man, X-men, Avengers. And in front of these characters, Goku can use his powers of Super Saiyan Level 1 or Level 2 and These characters will lead to death at the hands of Goku.

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Here Goku will meet the Herald Level Characters of Marvel Universe. These characters can kill anyone. They can burst any planet in a snap of time. And now Dragon Ball Z characters have to beware of Danger. All the characters from Dragon Ball Z fit in this level or we should say they all are Herald Level Characters.
Herald Level Characters from Marvel are Apocalypse, Silver Surfer, Miss Marvel, and Sentry. Goku can kill them with Super Saiyan Level 3 or Level 4. But this time Goku will have trouble in fighting to them. And now a question arises whether Goku can stand in front of reality controllers. This time he has to fight with those who will screw him. In the next level, he has to fight with Sky-Father Level Characters but If Marvel has Gods, then what do the Dragon Ball Z's Authors were peeling potatoes?
The answer is No. Dragon Ball Z has God Level Characters like Champa, Beerus, God Vegeta, and Shin. Here Goku will have to fight the Extreme Hard Level Opponent and in a way, now he is going out of the Goku formula


Marvel has The Rune King Thor, Beyonder, Molecule Man. These characters from Marvel can destroy the whole galaxy, can break the rules of the universe. We should tell you this The Beyonder is Nigh-omnipotent mean he is extremely powerful, and he is Nigh-omnipresent mean he is everywhere, may be behind you. Molecule-Man can create matter without anything, He does not need anything to create a particle. Here Goku has no powers which can be used in front of these guys. But he a 10% chances for his winning.


At this level, characters can destroy any universe in seconds easily. They have all the powers from Multiverse. They can create and destroy any powerful being in any universe. Here at this level, Marvel has these characters Death, Eternity, Shuma-Gorath, Infinity. And there is no one from Dragon Ball Z who can take a stand against these four characters of Marvel.No actually DBZ has Characters like Whis, Vedos, and Shenron. Next, This DBZ characters will have a fight with the characters of Marvel having the power level of Multi Universe God.


These characters can create and destroy Multi-verse in just a second. They have a huge level of Power. So, DBZ be ready to get destroyed. Marvel has two characters with this power first Living Tribunal and second Nemesis. Living Tribunal has limitless powers. He can create or completely destroys the Full Reality of the whole. Living Tribunal exists in all 616 universes of Marvel Comics. This means Tribunal is present almost everywhere he is in everything. Living Tribunal is Almighty. Everyone knows him. Here DBZ has Omni-King. But here's a little trouble. OmniKing can manage only 12 universes. And it was never officially confirmed that this character is Omni-Potent Being. But we are sure that this guy can show some powers like Living Tribunal.

So You know, we know who won. We are announcing that Marvel Universe won over DBZ Universe. Marvel Fans stop for being rude over DBZ fans. There is still a level left. We have named it Supreme Being Level. We wrote the Living Tribunal is present almost everywhere, Almost. Keep this in mind.


Here nothing is almost, everything is 100% true and real. This character is 100% Omnipotent, 100% Omniscient, 100% Omnipresent. And we know this character as The One Above All. There is no one above this character. No character has powers to stand against him. No one from Marvel and DBZ has strength and power to take a stand against this guy.


There is no one from DBZ who can defeat Marvel Universe alone. We are also sad because no one is there to challenge whole Marvel from DBZ.
Some were be thinking what if Teams were Formed. So for Those. If all the characters in The Universe of Goku form a team they will die before the arrival of Rune King Thor, The Beyonder, and Franklin Richards. And if Beerus, Whis, Shenron, and Omni-King form a team. They can't defeat The Living Tribunal. It is very difficult to reach The One Above All for DBZ. So, Finally, MARVEL wins over DBZ.

Guys, We hope you liked this article. We are gonna have a full series on these articles so if you liked it share this with your friends. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get updates for this series. Write down your views on this fight between Marvel and Dragon Ball Z. Guys, you can Follow us by Email just submit you email-id in the right side option. Comment if you have any kind of queries or your feedback about this article.

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