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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Li-Fi v/s Wi-Fi: Heading Towards Li-Fi

Li-Fi v/s Wi-Fi-Hey guys!! Today we are gonna talk about Li-Fi. We have heard Wi-Fi but what the heck is this Li-Fi? Wi-Fi is now an integral part of our lives and we can't imagine a single day without using it. Everything in this world is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi means via a wireless connection. Wi-Fi provides us the fastest internet but Wi-Fi is going to be outdated technology soon. Let's have a brainstorming discussion on this topic.
lifi technology
Li-Fi Technology

Wi-Fi and It's Issues

Wi-Fi: wireless communication via radio waves

As we can see that there are more than 5 billion mobile phones throughout the world accounting for exchange of 600 terabytes+ data every month. Is this a big number?? Yes, this is a 6 with 14 zeroes..a very large number. This shows that how we are used to this technology. Actually, wireless communication has become an integral part of our life like electricity and water. We use it every day, we use it in our everyday lives, in our private lives & in our business lives. But there are some issues ...let's discuss-


At present, wireless communication is carried out via radio waves....and these waves are limited, they are scarce and they are expensive...and it's this limitation that doesn't cope with the increasing demand of wireless data...and we are simply running out of spectrum.


There is another problem, i.e, efficiency. There are 1.4 million radio vasts or base stations that consume a lot of energy.....and the interesting thing is that most of the energy is not used to transmit radio waves but to cool these stations. It leads their efficiency to 5%. This creates a big problem.

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And there is another issue,i.e, we have to switch off your mobile phones during flight as there are chances, although very low, that these signals can interact with navigation signals to mislead flight and end up in a crash. So these signals can't be used during flights.


And there is one more issue, i.e, security that these waves can transmit through walls and can be intercepted and used by someone else ..can cause trouble if somebody has bad intentions.

So far, we have discussed that Wi-fi is good technology but by the time, it will be outdated whether in terms of speed or in terms of space............Here comes the solution to this problem, i.e, Li-Fi by Professor Harald Haas from the University of Edinburgh.

What is Li-Fi??

Li-Fi is a wireless optical networking technology that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for data transmission. In simple language, it is wireless communication by means of light.

Now, Li-Fi has an edge over Wi-Fi in every aspect....let's discuss-

Li-Fi is based on the concept of visible light rays which solve the problem of the it's spectrum size is almost 10,000 times to that of Radio waves. Not only, we have this large amount of spectrum 1.4 million radio vasts have been expensively deployed so as to enable transmission of these waves ...but for Li-Fi, we already have an infrastructure of 14 billion light bulbs installed everywhere.
What we have to do is that we have to replace this by LED bulbs which are highly efficient in terms of energy consumption ...and apart from this, are capable of transmitting wireless data.
Apart from its size and energy efficiency, this technology is almost 100 times speedy than Wi-Fi ....and if we consider security issue, that can't be here as lights cannot pass through your walls...You can also use the phone during flight by using the plane's light.

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Here, I end this blog tuned to our site as we will have a sequel of this blog.....but first answer below question in our comments section.

Do you think that Li-Fi and wireless data communication can bring third industrial revolution in the world??
And one more thing please share this article. And comment below and share your feedback about this article. If you have any queries or any suggestions then comment below. Read out our other articles here.

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