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Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Versus Series
Episode 2
Hulk VS Wonder Woman

Hello people, How are are you? I know you were waiting for a long time for the second episode of Versus Series. And today we are gonna have a fight between Hulk and Wonder Woman. And we will see that who will win in this fight. So stay tuned and you will know but before that hit the like button to our Facebook page to get future updates. This is the second episode of our series read full series here👉 Versus Series
Disclaimer- All the information written below are our opinions based on the information provided about these characters in comic books, and movies.

Personally, we all are now a fan of Wonder Woman. The solo movie of this character was literally awesome. Gal Gadot was so perfect in this movie that she made this character everybody's love. Hulk, what we can say about this character. Everyone loves this big angry green giant. Marvel and Mark Ruffalo have portrayed this character so beautifully that Hulk is now a favorite of every child and guy in streets. So if there was a real fight between these characters from Marvel and Dc, Who will win??

So first we are gonna start with Wonder Women. Why? because of ladies first.
Wonder Woman's name is Diana Prince. She is the Princess of Amazon. She has powers like Gods. She is the most powerful fighter from earth. And she is dedicated for Peace, Equality, and Love. She is one of the most important and prominent members of Justice League. According to comics, She is one of the Idealist heroines. But if she can die for Love and Truth then she can also kill someone for them. Wonder Woman's powers are God Gifted and this is the thing which makes him the greatest one in DC Universe superheroes. Super Strength of Wonder Woman is equivalent to the strength of Earth. Similar powers are acquired by Shazam and Superman. Once she displaced the whole planet Earth.
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman 2017
She has Hypersonic Speed due to which she can kill her enemies within a blink. This means she will kill you before you will lead to knowing. Diana also has powers to fly. But we didn't saw this power in movie till now we have seen her taking powerful jumps. So this all was about strength.
Let's talk about Durability. She can survive in Thermal Nuclear Explosion and Hell Fire. She will get injuries but she will recover in a short time. We can not say that this is Healing Factor but we can say this as Accelerated Healing. Diana is highly trained. She knows when to attack and how to attack. Once Batman got so much impressed from Wonder Woman that he called her as Best Melee Fighter on Earth. This is the reason why she is considered more than Superman.
She also has some amazing weapons and equipment like Lasso of Truth, Bracelets of Victory, ShieldRoyal Tiara, Battle Armor, Martial Weapon, War Suit, and Magical Sword.

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Hulk- Marvel Universe
Now let's turn to our Green Giant. He is always angry. Bruce Banner got these powers due to the overexposure of Gamma Radiations. Mr. Doctor Robert Bruce Banner, There is no one who can stop him after he transforms into The Incredible Hulk. The powers of the Hulk are dependent on his Emotions. Powers depend upon the reason why he transformed. 
The madder he gets, the stronger he gets.

He is not the strongest, he is the most powerful. Once he defeated two Avengers team at the same time. Many time he defeated Thor. With his powers, he can displace two Tectonic Plates. He can destroy a planet alone. He can destroy a whole alternate dimension. He can create a Black Hole with the help of his powers. Hulk has an Insane Level of Durability. This helps him to survive any kind of destructive attack. You can say this as Healing Factor. In Marvel Universe, no one has a healing factor like Hulk. He can tolerate any kind of injury or diseases. Hulk can jump a whole continent.

So that was a talk on the powers and ability of both characters let's see who will win.
These two characters are the most powerful characters in their universes.


The intelligence of Wonder Woman is very good because she has been trained for many years. She is educated. She can speak almost all languages of planet earth with the exact same accent. She expert in Biology and a lot more subjects. 
The intelligence of the Hulk is so much that no test can measure his intelligence. He knows Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Medicine, Physiology, and Nuclear Physics. He owns a tech company named BannerTech.
Hulk is the winner.

Physical Strength

Wonder Woman's physical strength is awesome. Superhuman durability, Speed, Accelerated healing, flight, skilled hand to hand combat. Hulk only have Super Human Strength and Super Human Durability. That's it. We know the strength of Hulk is limitless, more angrier more power.
but Wonder Woman is the winner.
Why????? Because.
If Wonder Woman and Hulk fight for a limited time like 1hr or something there are more possibilities that Wonder Women will defeat Hulk easily because Wonder Women is Fast and more powerful than Hulk.


Wonder Woman has the advantage here. She has equipment like Lasso of TruthBracelets of VictoryShieldRoyal TiaraBattle ArmorMartial WeaponWar Suit, and Magical Sword.
And Hulk will have to face embarrassment again here because he does not have any kind of equipments. But Hulk does not need them.
So, Wonder Women wins again.

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Final Results

Wonder Woman won more rounds than Hulk so Wonder Woman is the winner because of her Speed and Durability. She will easily escape from all his attacks. But there is a question, till when? Till when she can fight because Hulk can fight for years without being tired and Wonder Woman can fight till a certain amount of time. She needs food and supplements to get energy and strength. And they are superheroes this fight will not end in 1hr or something it will go further and further. Hulk learns while fighting he will learn from her attacks. The learning abilities of Hulk is so much good that he can pass any kind of competition examination just by studying one before the exam. And one more thing Hulk always run away from fights because he knows that he will win. And if Hulk will defeat Wonder Woman than she will suffer great pain. So finally Hulk wins over Wonder Woman because he will not stop fighting until he defeats Wonder Woman.

So that's it for today guys, tell in the comment section what you think who would win the fight between them in real according to you and How much liked the second episode of Versus Series.
Read out our full Versus Series. Guys must share this post with your friends and give your feedback about this article below. Till the next episode stay tuned and do not forget to read our other articles.

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