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Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Versus Series
Episode 3
Hello people, How are are you? I know you were waiting for a long time for the second episode of Versus Series. And today we are gonna have a fight between Hulk and Ghost Rider. And we will see that who will win in this fight. So stay tuned and you will know but before that hit the like button to our Facebook page to get future updates. This is the second episode of our series read full series here👉 Versus Series
Disclaimer- All the information written below are our opinions based on the information provided about these characters in comic books, and movies.
Hulk VS Ghost Rider, This fight will be worth watching. We will first consider their abilities and powers before we conclude the results. So let's start with Hulk.
Hulk aka Robert Bruce Banner, both of these are separate personalities. They hate each other. As we know that Bruce Banner is an amazing scientist. Once while working in his lab, Bruce accidentally got infected with Gamma rays and turned into a green giant. Bruce Banner transforms into Hulk when he is suffering from emotional stress or if we will make him angry. And when he transforms into Hulk, no one can take a stand against him, not even Gods of Asgard. Therefore we are a fan of this green angry Giant. But the MCU is not letting this character to reach his comic books potential.

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Now, Its time for Ghost Rider.
Ghost Rider aka our favorite Johnny Blaze. If we summerise the origin of this character then we can say that Johnny Blaze is a stunt motorcycle artist. Who wanted to save his father's life for which he made a deal for his own soul. And Devil made him turn into a monster. When it was the time to complete the contract with Devil, Head of Johnny Blaze started to burn in Hell-Fire.
After this all incident we came to know that Ghost Rider is the avatar of God Zarathos. This means whenever Johnny transforms into Rider, He is Zarathos. His powers, abilities are the same as Zarathos and this means, He is God. So this was a short intro of our fighters let's begins this fight.

Ghost Rider is heavily powered due to Zarathos. Ghost Rider has too much Super-human Strength, Agility, Reflexes, Endurance, and Durability. He has fully controlled Hell-Fired Chains, Vehicles, Swords, and Shotguns. Wait there is more. Fire, Lava will not injure him.
He can burn anyone's soul just by looking into the enemy's eyes. If you have seen the film you must have seen this soul burn scene. He will be back after death. Water can not destruct his Hell-Fire. He has Accelerated Healing power. He can fire on you till infinite time. He can travel Inter-Dimensionally.
The last one this guy is Immortal. Why?? You can kill the human form of Johnny Blaze but my question is if you will punch him he will heat up and then Ghost Rider will ____. I don't know what he will, you can fill this blank space as you wish. 
That was a big talk on Ghost Rider now let's turn to our Giant Hulk.
This Giant have abilities comparable to Omnipotent beings. He can change his density according to his will.

Ghost Rider is the winner of this fight. 
Because he is an avatar of God Zarathos. There was a comic book published where they fight but not for a long. In that comic book, Hulk punched Ghost Rider and Rider fell down in a pond, where he was quiet for some seconds and after that, he stood up with an explosion and got out of there by saying that Hulk is innocent. And fight got ended we could not get a chance to see who is more powerful. So what do you think Hulk is innocent or not tell us in the comment section below.

The Yellow-Fire of Ghost Rider indicates that his soul is corrupted. And if you have seen the movies you must have seen the last scene of the second film where his skull fire color turned Blue which indicates that his soul is pure now. After killing Mephisto in the movie his soul became pure, and now Johnny Blaze does not have full control over Ghost Rider

God Zarathos have given all his powers to Ghost Rider and Zaratos can kill the whole earth where Hulk is just like a Horse from Chess. Ghost Rider has to suffer a little while fighting with Hulk but at the end of the story, Hulk has to die from the hands of Ghost Rider. So tell us did you liked this article. We know some of you will disagree with us but this is the Fact. You have to believe. 

So that's it for today guys, tell in the comment section what you think who would win the fight between them in real according to you and How much liked the third episode of Versus Series.
Read out our full Versus Series. Guys must share this post with your friends and give your feedback about this article below. Till the next episode stay tuned and do not forget to read our other articles.

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