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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Ways To Earn Online #100% Confirmed

Hello guys, today I am gonna tell you about 4 ways to earn online. There are many other ways also but these 4 ways will give you money  100% confirmed if you give enough effort and time.
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This is a very best way to earn money. you can make videos and upload on youtube ( first you have to make your youtube channel, if you don't know how to make channel then you can see from our blog).
The money through youtube comes from ads on your videos. Google Adsense is the advertising company which gives you money on the basis of how many clicks have done to the advertisement during your video and youtube also gives you money on the basis of views comes to your videos when you satisfy their other conditions. More subscriber on your channel increase your speed to earn money. But the only thing is this that you have to bring videos which may be useful for others. 

 2.Affiliate Marketing

This is quite simple to do. In this first of all, you have to be an affiliate of any company(Amazon, Flipkart, sony, any many others companies which want affiliate. Now, what you have to do is just share the links of product and if they purchase that product from your reference then you will get some % of that product. you can share them on WhatsApp, Instagram, facebook, twitter etc.

how to make money fast online
Ways To Earn Online

3. Fiverr.com

If you have any skill which can be useful for others, then you can work for others and in return, they will pay you according to the level of your work. 
The online skills include making video editing, making the website, designing website, writing an article, making poster and charts, compiling any data and then submitting the report, etc.
If you any of by which you can provide service online then make an account at fiverr.com and earn good many. The minimum price for your work is 5 dolor and maximum you can decide.

4.Website Or Blogs

If you have your own website then you can use this for promoting and advertising others product/business can get a good amount of money in return.
you also can write blogs, like we do to earn money. This is a very simple way, you can start making blogs at blogspot.com and an increasing number of views and followers you can buy your own domain. Google Adsense which will show advertisement in your blog and you will get money from it.

5. Tutoring online

If you have good command on any subject then this can be a very good source of earning money without an investment of single repay. In this, you have to doubt of other and in return, you will get good money. very popular sites include toppr.com. To know more detail about this here will be a new blog which will provide you complete information about it.

Guys we are gonna have a full tutorial series on Tutoring and Fiverr.com so to get updates just like our Facebook page.
Hope you'll find it useful. Feel free to drop your queries in the comments section and if you learned something new here share this with your friends. And the last one follow our Social Media Handles.  

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