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Thursday, August 16, 2018


God of War- Hello Guys, You must have played God of War or you must have seen the gameplay of this game. What an amazing game we have. This game has a vibe that no one gamer is there who had not played this game. Recently a new installment of this game-series was released. You must have seen gameplay of this amazing thrilling game on youtube. So most of you must have played this game and they think that they know all things related to God of War and if you think then you are wrong. How? then read this article till the end and do read our other article and like us on facebook because we publish new articles like this every day.

god of war
God of War

  • This game series started in 2005 on the PS2 gaming console.
  • At that time PS2 Console was famous for only two games the first one Smack-Down and second God of War.
  • Do you know Kratos is a real god which exists according to Greek Mythology?
  • A movie is going to be released on God of War soon. This movie is in its pre-production stage. and the production of this film was started nearly 10 years ago. The film-makers want the film this much perfect that they are spending a lot of their time on the pre-production and they told that we are gonna see this movie very soon. So let's wait together.
  • Do you ever think why the skin of Kratos is white? Normal people do not have a white skin but he has why? Let's tell you. Once in this game, Kratos attacked a village where he killed everyone, yes everyone. In the same village, his family was living there for a long time, but he didn't know this he accidentally killed his family too. Due to killing his own family all the Greek God cursed him that now he has to keep the ashes of his family on his body. Kratos cannot remove these ashes from the body even if he wants to remove.
  • God of War game story is not fictional on the whole, it is a real character with some real story. Kratos is a real God according to Greek mythology. Kratos is the god of strength and power. In Greek mythology, there are many Gods who have control over a specific power and Kratos is one of them. Kratos control power and strength.
god of war
God of War- Game Series

Other Articles-

  • Once in Greek Mythology while an event a God named as Prometheus tried to get control over Flames which wasn't controlled by him. Due to breaking laws, other Greek Gods hired Kratos to punish Prometheus with chain and extract flames from the body of Prometheus.
  • Do you know there is no cuss word have been used in the game till now but the game is rated as Mature? why? because the game has a lot of nudity and violence. An excessive amount of nudity and blood you can see while playing the game.
  • Red Tattoos. Kratos has red tattoos why? These tattoos are a representation of curs given to him. These tattoos were initially blue when this game was gonna release the color of tattoos' color was changed from blue to red because there was another character from another game named as Barbarian who looked similar to Kratos in every way. So to avoid legal clashes and copyright claim they changed the color of tattoos.
  • According to Greek mythology, it is almost impossible to kill Kratos. Kratos is a god so it is impossible to kill him. In one game Aries tried to kill him, Kratos was almost dead at the end of the fight. But he survived. The Original God of War tried to kill him, he pierced pillar in the body of Kratos but Kratos escaped the death.
  • Once the greatest god among all the Greek Gods Zeus killed him with Blade of Olympus but he survived. Once he tried to kill himself but he couldn't. And this shows that he has so much power that no one can kill him and we think this is what makes him a God.
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