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Friday, August 10, 2018




Freelancer Website-

Hello there, Welcome to the very first episode of this 'Freelancer- Earn with your Skills' series. Friends, I know that you guys are very enthusiastic to know about Freelancing. So finally, today we are here where I'm gonna tell you all about this topic in great depths. We will be dealing with Freelancer Website on a larger part.
First of all lemme briefly give you an intro on how we will be covering this topic and what are the different aspects that will be covered. Buddy, Freelancer Website as a whole will be covered in 3 parts. In this very first episode, we'll be focusing on a general introduction and foundation of the topic freelancing.
So you don't need to worry as it doesn't matter whether you know about freelancing or not as we have laid down a proper foundation for you.
freelancer website
Freelancer website

Now, as far as the second episode is concerned it all about how to make an account on freelancer website and start freelancing.
In our third episode, friends will be discussing on how to get good work on freelancer website, what skills do you actually need to work as a Freelancer and how to work on those skills.
Now, now if you really want to be successful in freelancing then, being your good wisher I want you to read and understand all the three episodes as they will make you independent enough to stand out and earn the most out of Freelancer Website.
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So now come on guys, here we begin with the very basic question...


According to Wikipedia, Freelancing is a kinda of self-employment, and not being committed to any specific employer in long run.
Freelancers are the persons who use their skills and talents in a beautiful way by working with different companies for a very short span of time and hence can earn much better than the professionals.
Now have a look at some Freelance stats;


Guys, today United States is the world's largest hub for the Freelancers, with more than 25% of its workforce is represented by freelancers and the European Union they are they are capturing about 16% of the workforce. People from all over the world are getting attracted and hence opting for freelance work as they are bored of 9 to 5 jobs.
Working as a Freelancer gives you independence and money by working on your choice of hours.


Buddy, you will be very happy to hear that India is the world's second-largest country with more than 15 million people working independently as Freelancers in various sectors like IT, programming, sales, marketing, designing etc.
Freelancers in India thus raising the growth of Start-ups at high rates. Young companies prefer freelancers over professionals as they are skilled as well as cost-effective.

Guys, there are many platforms available for Freelancing like Upwork, Toptal etc. but the one which I am going to cover in this series is You guys don't worry as we are going to cover those ones also in our upcoming series.



According to Wikipedia, Freelancer Website is a global crowdsourcing marketplace website, which allows potential employers to post jobs that freelancers can then bid to complete. It was founded in 2009, by Matt Barrie, it's headquarters are located in Sydney, Australia. It is a platform where employers and employees are able to find each other.
Freelancer is an online platform where employers and employees can interact with each other. It allows employers to post work and tasks for registered members and the member's bid for it in the competitive environment. Freelancers and employers have to develop their profiles on the website as they offer, win and complete work and write and receive reviews of people they work with or for. you can opt for either a free account or a professional one.


  1. Work according to your will and comforts.
  2. Be your own Boss.
  3. Work anytime anywhere.
  4. You gotta more income potential.
  5. Take advantage of more tax deductions.
  6. Control over jobs and clients.


  1. You need to be a Jack of all trades.
  2. Risk of not getting paid.
  3. No employee benefits for eg. Health benefits, sick day leaves or vacations, pension etc.
  4. Unpredictable workloads.
  5. You have to handle inconsistent cash flow.


Friends, we have been talking of Freelancing from so long, now lemme tell you about the opportunities available to you as being a Freelancer.
Freelancer Website offers an immense number of work opportunities all you need to have is proper skills and talents to get good work.
Options available on the platform are Graphics Designing, media, Websites IT & software, sales, and marketing, content writing, data entry and admin, product sourcing and manufacturing, business services, translation and language, engineering and science and many others.

So, buddy, I hope that after reading this article you are in a better position to understand about Freelancing and Freelancer website. I am hoping that the picture is clear to you if you are having any doubts or queries then you are most welcome to share it in the comments section.
I will be happy to see suggestions from your side.
In the next episode of this "Freelancer- Earn with your Skills", I'll show you how to create a freelancer account and start working on Freelancer Website. We will guide you as a beginner and show you ways to get great deals. 

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