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Thursday, August 2, 2018


Hello People, How are you?
If you are a Marvel fan then you must have heard about Celestials. The very first time we saw them in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.1 In Vol.2 we saw the last Celestial Ego The Living Planet, who was the father of Starlord which makes him Half-Celestial and half Human. So what is the real story of Celestials? Let's find out. This is the comic book origin of Celestials.
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 So the Story of Celestials starts with the first universe, this was the first and only universe, First Firmament. Celestials. Because of loneliness, this universe created servants to make them work for the universe and we know them as celestial has powers as they can create new life forms. Some Celestials asks permission to create life forms, These were known as Aspirants. Some were interested in creating and destroying life forms in their own way without caring for the permission of First Firmament. First Firmament did not like this thing. Celestial formed two groups and we got first Celestial War. Aspirants created The Godkiller Armor to win over other Celestials. Celestials. This war destroyed First Firmament, and multi-verse formed.But they did not manage to use this armor and lost to the Celestials. Now celestials started to wander around the universe, created new life forms and experimented with existing life forms. No one knows the main motive behind these Celestials. They always experiment with life forms and leave them and after coming back thousands of years they judge them to let them live or kill them. And as they walked around the Universe, they saw our Planet Earth where they received a lot of life forms, one of which was Apes, and they realized that this life form is going to Evolve in the future, Started DNA Experiments with Apes.
The very First experiment resulted as superhumans between us. And we got Superheroes from Earth.

The second one resulted in Eternals who look similar to humans but a lot powerful compared to them. We are gonna see a film on them in Phase 4 MCU. In the third experiment, they formed Deviants. They look a little weird but they are more powerful than Eternals.Fun Fact: Thanos is an Eternal but there is a disease or you can say this as the mutation which is known as Deviant Syndrome, due to this syndrome some Eternals get genes of Deviant, therefore, Thanos is most powerful Eternal and look weird like Deviant. Celestials also experimented on Skrulls and created three type of SkrullsNormal, Deviant and Eternals. We will see them in the next MCU movie Captain Marvel Celestials do not show up for many thousand years and when they came back whether their created life form should be made life or not. If not then they destroy the whole life form with their planet. We have seen a scene in Guardian of The Galaxy.In Guardian of The Galaxy Vol 2, we saw the last Celestial EGO The Living Planet. Due to which Starlord is half-Celestial.There is no other clue for Celestials in MCU but we are expecting more information about them with the release of Eternals Movie in Phase 4 That's it for Today If you liked it share it with your friends.



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