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Thursday, August 9, 2018


Captain America- Can You Become Captain America?

Hello Guys, Today we are gonna talk about how to become Captain America. But there is a question can you become Captain America? We don't know you can become or not but we are gonna tell you how can you actually become Captain America. But before we start we publish new articles everyday so be updated with us by Follow us on Email or You can like us on Facebook with right side options.

captain america
captain America
So let's start. So the topic is how can you and the whole world become Captain America?  If you are thinking of working out in the gym like Chris Evans will make you Captain America. No, you need more than a muscular body to become Captain America. To become Captain, you have to give your body, mind, and most money

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Let's Start from Body. You have to be physically strong like Captain.
In Captain America: The First Avenger, A kind of Super Serum was given to Steve Rogers. This was a kind of test to increase the strength of any individual. That is, to increase his strength beyond his rank. All this is also true because we can still change our DNA. But it takes a huge money and changes in DNA are possible only to a limit. If the experiment fails you will straight die. Let's assume you have genes of Usain Bolt, Mike Tyson, and Tom Cruize. And why Tom Cruize, answer You want to look beautiful or not. Professional Olympic Athletes, which we believe their records are no longer broken, their DNA is kept safe so that it can be used in the future.
Let's now be physically strong then how will you keep the body? Brother, you have to practice eight hours a day, follow a very strict diet and get training for a lifetime.
Now when will you fight with enemies? And when will you will have the fun of life. Now, let's assume that you do not have to enjoy life, the experiment has passed and you are still alive. You doing training 8 hours a day, following the diet and having a sleep for 3 hours. Now you have become like Captain America but pay attention to the fact that having the strength of Captain is not as easy as it looks. Even if you did anything but the Captain's peak performance will remain impossible. Because he runs faster than a car, can pull a helicopter with one hand and beat Tony Stark. It is impossible to get physical strength like that. But if you do so much then you will not be asked to do less than that.

Now let's get to the heart, that is Moral Values. Now, what is the moral value? Why do we like the Captain? He is not a super intelligent like Hank Pym, not have money like Black Panther, not strong like Thor, he's not funny like Spiderman nor he's cool like Deadpool. And these thing makes him the most different. If it comes to lead or guide a team then the Captain is chosen. There is no better than the Captain. Captain has respect, dignity, respect, discipline, prestige all. All these characteristics make him different from all the other heroes. This is the Captain's orientation. There is no one like the Captain.

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Now let's move to Money. You should have as much money to become like the Captain. The more you are thinking, the Captain has so much money, than we should clear your thoughts that he has no money. In Captain America: The First Avenger Captain was living on Government money, after that, he was living on the Shield's money and then on Tony's money and now he was living on the money of the Black Panther. The Captain's value has only increased due to the value of his shield. And now he does not have his shield, but the Black Panther has given him his new shield, made of Vibranium. Now let's calculate the Captain America's Market Value. There is no Super Serum in original so we do not know the value of it. But we can calculate its value with a guess of the expenses in the research of Super Serum. If Doctor Abraham is as smart as Dr. Einstein. And according to the time of 1933, Dr. Einstein was worth the value of $10,000. And Howard Stark was also working in this project and they will have the same market value $10,000 as same as Dr. Abraham.

Howard Salary              $10,000
Dr. Abraham Salary     $10.000
Lab Equipments           $10,000
Total                               $30,000

This is the expected value of Super Serum. Captain has a shield made up of a fictional metal called Vibranium. This metal can absorb any kind of potential energy. In an issue of Fantastic Four comic series, Reed Richards told that 1 gram of Vibranium has a market worth of $10,000. Captain's shield must have a weight of 5Kg approx. Then this means that the market worth of this shield is $50 Million. And if you want to wear a suit like Captain then the cost for the suit will be $1200 approximately. So if you want to become Captain on the basis of money then approximately the final cost will be $55 Million. And pay attention to this fact that Super Serum was created in 1933 and in Today's time it can cost anything, the cost can be $30,000 as same as 1933 or it can be $50 Million. The cost of Super Serum is dependent on scientist's knowledge. If you want to become Captain America in free of cost then join any project from Government. So we talked about how can you become Captain America from physically, mentally, and economically.

So that's it for today guys. Hope you liked this article. Share this article with your friends and like us on Facebook to be updated for Future Articles. Comment below what you think can you become Captain America and do you have any special abilities which prove that you will be alive after the experiment. Tell us what should we write next in the comment section below.

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