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Friday, August 3, 2018

Best Android launcher

Best Android launcher-Hello Guys welcome here. we are starting to talk about the best android launcher. But before the start, we publish new articles every day so to be updated with notification Follow us by Email with the widget in Right Side or like our Facebook page in the Right Side. I know you are excited to know about these launchers so guys let's start,

OF Launcher-

So guys, really this is an amazing launcher, but this launcher is not available on Google Play-Store you have to download this from a google or given a link below,
This is the launcher that provides you everything within one finger, good interface and it is very light to use,
It gives you the best stock Android look and feels really well with the features, this also includes the theme change and you can change your interface accordingly,
Download Here

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NOVA Launcher-

Smooth, fast, and clean interface,
The best part about this launcher is how lightweight is this. Simple and able to lock everything to stop app update changing home screen but please update day by day wallpaper menu, and its  speed is too much good, no lacking, and awesome interface,
also, this is customizable and smooth simple yet easy to use, guys my honest review this is No. 1 launcher in that I have been used for 6 months,
And this also features rich, fantastic, and nice look, I think you should be used to this launcher.
Download Here

ASAP Launcher-

Simply the best launcher I have ever used, the design is very clean, modern, the card is also useful, easy to use, it is exactly that what you were looking for because this is exactly like as a love at first sight,
The intelligent app drawer is spot on. the searchable drawer is a little quirky. but you will not have a face to any problem.  of course, there is nova launcher  and many more but this is the only launcher 
I don't get bored. 
easy access to everything on screen and everything runs super smooth, the only thing is that there is no way to add a widget to the home screen. it doesn't allow the personal widget.
it is simple, minimalistic, and beautiful and allow you to access your most used apps really quickly.
Download Here

LENS Launcher-

firstly I would like to say that the interface of this launcher is awesome, awesome, really and all the app you will find at one home screen, and by touching the finger you will zoom the applications.
really it gives you the new experience I like the uniqueness of this launcher with the fisheye lens, this launcher is so much different than most launchers and I love this, 
but sorry yr there is a one thing missing that this app does not have the feature of hiding app, 
but don't be upset because the new version of this launcher has been launched and with the new features to hide and re-arrange.
Download Here

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Guys this the best launcher for those peoples who want to give a unique look for your home screen.
nice interface, very light launcher and speed of this launcher is too good relatively other launchers
and this launcher also gives you the link with your window 10 system,
it is very clean and having useful features, highly customizable, beautiful, easy to use and setup, solid performance. it finds duplicates, suggest merging contact, and actually do his job, 
what is missing is just missing is integration with social networks like, Facebook, Instagram etc.
another great feather it would be to have a lock screen integrated with information such as calendar entry, whats up message, missed call etc, the next lock screen for Android from Microsoft is not good enough.
Download Here

That's it for today guys. Do not forget to share your feedback in the comment section below. This will encourage us. Read our other articles Here. And do follow us by email. Share this among your friends. and Follow us on Facebook

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