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Monday, August 13, 2018


5G- NETWORK-Hello there, So, how are you doing??? Ah, I'm feeling a bit clumsy today's morning. So I thought why not to sit in some peaceful place to write an article for you guys and see I'm here and I have got a super exciting article regarding the future of our network i.e. 5G NETWORK.
We all have gone through this network revolution, starting with the super slow 2G to the pace changing 3G, then to the Game Changing 4G, we were there every time as being a crucial part of the change, but now the world is waiting for the 5G.

Dude, today I'll take you to our future but before that don't forget to read the other such amazing posts on our website. As I'm sure you gonna love them.
So, here we go...


Guys, 5G network, clearly is the next generation of wireless communication after this 4G LTE. Obviously with increased capacity, faster speeds, and negligible latency.
It is known from the sources that the 5G network will operate in high-frequency bands of the wireless spectrum mainly between 28 gigahertz and 38 gigahertz.
Currently, 5G is basically building on the foundation created by 4G LTE. With text messages, calling and browsing the web will be the base, and what special will be in there in this network will be the highest speed ever seen by the locals.
One of the major features introduced will be that it will allow you to download and upload Ultra HD and 3D videos. The 5G wireless communications are just a few doorsteps away from us. Some major multinational companies had already taken steps towards building 5G as per its standards. Now, let's have a look towards the top 5 5G purveyors;

  1. Ericsson
  2. HPE
  3. Intel
  4. Nokia
  5. Qualcomm


Guys as we all know about the upcoming of the 5G network, we all have crazy expectations from 5G, isn't it? Though many big MNCs are working on the 5G wireless telecommunication, the precise details look still uncertain. Networking and hardware operators and owners are still in the phase of the trial testings of their technologies.
It's been in the news that Reliance Jio will also be a big competent in the 5G market. The speed from the 5G network offered by Reliance is estimated to be around 2 to 3 GB per second with an average of 2. 5 GB per second which is far better than the 4G LTE which gives you speed around 1GB/S.
But resources says that the 5G network speeds can be as fast as 10GB/s. the exact speed will obviously vary based on the technology and up being implemented. According to Nokia, it claims that it can manage up to 10 GB per second while others like Samsung says they can achieve 7.5GB/s, there is Huawei also which is offering a bit low like 3.6GB/s.
Currently, Vodafone conducted a test using its 5G capable 3.4 gigahertz spectrum. It is a really major step as Vodafone cut out the largest shares of the spectrum.
According to Ericsson's Millennials report of the survey, millennials want

  • The 5G network should be 26.6% faster than the existing 3G/4G networks.
  • should offer 12.6% better outdoor and indoor coverage.
  • should be 13.4% faster than Wifi networks.
  • should be 11% less expensive in price plans.
  • should be 5.4% faster with no content delays.
  • should enhance security for personal data by 5.0%.
  • 4.4% wants to ensure the highest resolution video streaming without any delays or buffering.
  • Over 30% of millennials want a better network coverage with greatest speeds.
Source: Ericsson ConsumerLab Analytical platform (June 2017).



#. 5G V/S 4G

Friends, now let's have a look on the advancement of 5G over 4G;
  1. Peak data rates of 4G are 1GB per second whereas of 5G they will be up to 10 GB per second.
  2. Data bandwidth of 4G is 2MB/s to 1Gps while in case of 5G it is 1Gps and more as per need.
  3. Currently, the latency, that is a delay in loading in the 4G network is around 1ms violet is expected to have less than 1ms in 5G.
  4. 4G uses the frequency band of 2 to 8 gigahertz while 5G is supposed to use 3 to 300 gigahertz.
  5. 4G services: dynamic information access, wearable devices, HD streaming, Global Roaming.
  6. 5G services: dynamic information access, wearable devices, HD streaming, Ultra HD and 3D videos and any demand of users.

Buddy, as the competition and the hotness regarding the 5G wireless network, and the testing trials of the 5G network of various companies can be seen in the market, it can be taken for sure that 5G will be in grounds by 2020. That is for sure, Mark my words.
That's all guys, here we end. Hope you will like this article. Don't forget to share your reactions and queries in the shares below. Keep in touch with GeekyRoshan.

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