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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Realme 1 : Top Problems and Solutions

In this article, we are mentioning cons with this device Realme 1. Every mobile device has cons this blog is for the solutions to problems with Realme 1. We are not saying that "do not buy this phone", a normal user can have this device as an option these problems can be erased with an OTA update from OPPO. No doubt Realme 1 is the best phone at its price in the market. Guys must Check Out this device on Amazon   
Let's Start
OOPO Realme 1

Apps close instantly

This is not a huge issue but if you are playing games on this device and pressed the home key by mistake you are gonna regret because the app will not be found in its last state, the app will start again.


The sound of Realme 1 is not so good in the start. The main reason behind this fault is this the default enabled Real Original Sound Technology(Sound Equalizer settings) you should turn it off.

Face Unlock 

The speed of face unlock is very fast even it is comparable to iPhone X. But it is not reliable and secure as comparable to Oneplus phones. But the phone unlocks when you have closed your eyes, this means any other person can unlock and use your phone while you are sleeping.

Touch Screen

Sometimes it supports 4 point touches just after the second screen cannot justify more than 2 point touch. It lags sometimes while 2 points touching. To stop this go to Settings>Gesture and Motion turn off 3-Finger Screenshot.
touch will behave normally, touch experience got smooth, no lags while multi-touchpoint

OPPO and ColorOS

If you are root device lover, then this device is not for you because OPPO never releases Kernal Source because every developer needs device's Kernal Source to create modded files, root files, Custom Roms. This means you can't install any Custom ROM on This device.

Sensor Lags

Either it is a Gyroscope or Accelerometer sensor lags while using apps like YouTube games and many more. Maybe this can be fixed by OTA updates.

Google Camera Apps

Because of featuring Mediatek processor no google camera app will run on this device.

Screen Placement

The screen of Realme1 is like that it is just glued outside of its body If ever this device falls on the ground the screen has chances of breaking but they have provided mobile cover that fully covers the screen.

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