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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Loki's Fake Death in Avengers Infinity War- He Will Return

Loki Fake Death In Avengers Infinity War- Hello friends today we are gonna talk about a theory which says that Loki is alive. But How he is alive we saw him dying in Avengers Infinity War's starting scene.
We all know that Loki is God of Mischief. He is a master of his magic, In the past few years, we had seen that he can fake his death. The theory says that  Loki never died in Infinity War this was a deception and he will have his comeback in next Avengers Installment. Loki has played his biggest trick in MCU and deceived all including Thanos. And today we are gonna talk about this.
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The Theory is taken from Reddit. Reddit is a place where a lot of fan theories and leaks are posted. According to a fan theory in every appearance of Loki in MCU. Loki was shown as a right-handed guy. He lifted scepter and every weapon with his right hand. It was clear that he uses the right hand to lift things. This was clear that Loki is a right-handed guy.
In the section of Thor The Dark World where he has faked his death and we saw him on the throne of Odin. He was holding a weapon in his left hand. Same as this, In the scene of infinity war, where Loki died or we should say Loki faked his death, he was holding tesseract in his left hand. So with this point, this theory proves that Loki is alive.

Let's get to the second theory
This Theory says that the events of the Infinity War happened just after the events of Thor Ragnarok. Which means this all happened just after the long fight with Hela and Surtur, Due to this huge fight everyone was a little tired including Thor, Hulk. But Loki was looking fresh as always and this theory says that this all was an illusion. No one worries about his life more than himself. He will never put himself in this type of Danger without any backup plans. Plans not plan. He always has plans to escape out of danger. We can't believe the word said by Loki to Thanos like "We have Hulk". This points out that, that was not Loki. This theory says that this all was an illusion. Thanos just killed a fake Loki. This all was a trick of God of Mischief.

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these two theories prove that the beginning scene Avengers Infinity War was an illusion created by Loki. Original Loki is alive, hiding somewhere and we are sure that we will see him soon in the fourth installment Avengers.

So fans do tell us which theory you think will be the correct one and Do you want that these theories should be right so that we can see Loki in the Avengers 4.
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