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Thursday, July 5, 2018


In Indian Cinema Producers plays as a masterman of any projects they do what they want. They just want money after the release(most of them). Let's see the calculations by any regular Producer

Regular Love Era Film(contains every kind of cinematic plot related to love)-

1. Casting Famous Actors and Actresses(many times foreigners)
2. Hiring Directors(some time potential and sometimes we do not know the guy himself)
3. and now calculations will be like
100 Budget = 1 Film + 300 Profit
Student of The Year- Ishq wala love
Student of The Year- Ishq wala love

Different kind of film(contains every kind of cinematic plot that is surely not based on love)

1. Casting great Actors(Nawazuddin, Manoj Bajpayye, Akshay Kumar, Irrfan Khan and many more who always got best reviews for their acting skills by critics) because famous actors do not like to do Acting.
2. Hiring Great directors
3. and now calculation be like
60 budget = 1 film + 150 Profit sometimes this kind of pictures flop so producers keep themselves away from this kind of pictures.

Cinematic Universe Film

1. The casting of a huge number of actors and they should be Great with their acting skills and their commitments.
2. Hiring 7-8 directors to maintain the regularity of film releases, all directors should be in the same mindset because of the EGO the one who can destroy a well-developed universe.
3. and now calculations for each film be like
250 Budget = 1 Film + 750 Profit

Now the Scene is producer's mindset is like this instead of working for a cinematic universe having 750 Profit and 1 film under their banner they create 3 Films of Love Era makes Profit 900 and 3 Films under their name.
In India Producer is the Key factor for start of any project.

So is there anyone who ever tried to create a cinematic universe? There is a guy known as Neeraj Pandey. this guy has given a try to build a cinematic universe but he had not reached any far yet.

Baby(2015) was the one story whom he wanted to turn into a universe. The film Baby was a story of a secret team working for the nation, having Akshay Kumar, Taapsee, Anupam Kher and Rana Daggubati as a lead character. With a great storyline, the film ruled the theater and had a great response from critics also and Now Neeraj released the spin-off of one of the characters of Baby played by Taapsee Pannu, Naam Shabana.
Naam Shabana(2017) released in theaters which on was a good attempt to create a universe but it got failed in the market and now no signals of more spin-offs the origins of another character. Although at the time of promotions of Naam Shabana Neeraj had said that he will create more films to keep this story going on but we do not have any clue about the future of this film story.

So what if we wanna see an Indian Cinematic Universe?
Answer is No, You can't see a cinematic universe India for next 10-12 years because we had already told you what are the factors needed to build up a cinematic universe and one of these factors are time period to create a universe we need at least 8 years to explain audience that we are creating a universe.
And this is India, everything is always a little bit late here so you can guess how much time Indian Cinema would take to create a Cinematic Universe.

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