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Thursday, July 5, 2018


We all know we have great directors in our country like Anurag Kashyap, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, and S. Shankar. Many more directors have huge potential to create a different kind of film.

Let's have a thought that the great masterpiece Gangs of Wasseypur was not just a story, it would be a big storyline having different films for lead characters and then crossovers.
No one wants to work on Cinematic Universe because they all know this work have a lot of stress and needs a Big Budget.

Let's see what if Anurag Kashyap wanted to create a universe of Gangs of Wasseypur, problems he would face?
1. Big Budget.
2. A lot of stress.
3. Every-time he had to create a great hit because if one of the films of the universe known flop, producers will give up this projects, Actors will leave, No new actor want to be cast. And if he approaches new producers he has to suffer from Rights related to projects.
4. Commitment to project by every guy because if any of them left, the universe will be hung up.
5. Great stories for every picture then connectivity between pictures to make critics happy.
6. Everything related to projects should be a great thing for the audience.
7. Pictures should be on Time.
8. Great marketing strategies to maintain hype in the audience for the universe.
9. More than 15 years of his life will be devoted to the same type of pictures.
10. Most Important one Indian Censor Board.

We all know that Anurag Kashyap has a potential to create a cinematic universe and these are the problems he have to face while creating a universe then why he would even try to create a universe he is happy with working on individual great projects, He always gave us the best he can and we appreciate that we love him for his movies but these factors will always try to stop him even if audience request to him for creating a universe. He can create We all know but he also always have clashed with Board and always he has to give up and he has to release different cut of the film instead of releasing his own final cut of Film.
The Marketing Strategies India is like they are not promoting any picture, they are trying to sell a shampoo

The second reason is the huge one which is Ego. Ego leads everything to its downfall many TV shows, some franchise has fallen down.
See if studios want they can add Krrish and Robot to the same story and can try to create huge hit around the world but nope. Why they are not doing this? because they both see themselves as a competitor, They want hits in this competition and for doing this they have to do a movie regularly and due to this idiotic mindset they release a movie without any good concept and result they fall down.
See what do you think how much time any Indian filmmaker takes to release a movie.    
If movie producers want they can collaborate to create a movie with 3 leads Krrish, Robot and RA.One but they don't want to why?, as I said competition the main actors wants to have all the cameras on them all the time they do not want to share screen-time with another Male Lead.
You can see Ra.One is the example of a flop superhero film. This film was a disaster for Shahrukh Khan because he was starring in there and he was the producer. See this is the example of flop where producers get their hands out of the project so did Shahrukh Khan. The most amazing thing is he will never this thought  that "Yes the origin of G.One(superhero) was flop let's work on the next part and this time we will have a great story a great screenplay, Let's hit the theaters and break some records" even this guy has his own VFX Studio he will never try to bring back G.One because of fear of flop.

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