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Monday, July 9, 2018

How Doctor Strange Became So Much Powerful??

hello people, How are you?
Today we are gonna talk about How Doctor Strange Became so much powerful in the events of Infinity War? How this character reached his maximum power level?
Doctor Strange is one of the fans Favorite character, this character is played by fans favorite Benedict Cumberbatch.
We saw Doctor Strange in this look in infinity war which was unexpected from MCU.
dr. strange

We never had any expectation from the studio that they will show Doctor Strange i.e. Sorcerer Supreme will be on an ultimate power level.
But how this character reached here, before sometime this character was struggling to get control over his new powers in his Solo Movie.
How this hero became so much powerful, confident and became super amazing?
Although we have seen a little glance in the post-credit of Doctor Strange and the mid-credit of Thor Ragnarok where he met to Thor The God of Thunder.
In that scene we saw a different type of Doctor Strange. He looked like that person who knows about his powers, who know what is he doing, he was super-confident. And after these events we saw him in Infinity War he was at the peak of Awesomeness.
The main reason behind this was the fight between Doctor Strange and Dormammu, where Doctor Strange used time as his advantage, this all thing started there.
Doctor Strange 2016

Experts are saying that "In the fight of Dormammu, Doctor Strange used Time Stone and trapped Dormammu in a time loop, at that time whenever Doctor Strange was becoming alive to bargain with Dormammu he was practicing his powers, That scene was not more than a length of 5 minutes but who knows How much time Doctor Strange spend there?,How many times he became alive?
He was practicing there and became expert in using his power. He got a lot of time to explore, practice, experiment and implement his power to use them".
This can be true because if we see the regular timeline, he never got so much time to be this much power.
In the time loop with Dormammu, he was learning, getting better every time when the loop was repeating.
He mastered his powers, learned the secrets of Time Stone and we saw the unexpected extremely powerful Doctor Strange in Infinity War
That's why he was so much awesome in Infinity War
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